Philosophy in Prison

is a charity set up in 2018 to promote philosophical education in prisons and to explore the practical and philosophical principles that this involves. 


Those in custody come from varying educational backgrounds. Some may have low literacy skills. Some may be disillusioned by education. Some may speak English as a second or even a third language.


We want to use philosophical dialogue to engage those who might otherwise have no use for prison education as well as to encourage those who are keen to tackle philosophy for the first time.

We Want

To set up stand-alone philosophy courses in prisons in the UK, accessible to a broad range of those in custody.


To train philosophers to run these courses so that they feel comfortable and confident teaching in a challenging environment.


To maintain a mentoring and evaluation network for our courses.


To establish a network of existing and new initiatives for philosophy in prisons.


To promote research into the principles and questions raised by doing philosophy in prison.


To contribute to developing policy in prison education.

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Registered Charity Number: 1177805

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