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Mary Margaret McCabe (‘MM’) works on ancient philosophy, on ethics and on the philosophy of medicine; she has published mostly on Plato, but also on the Presocratics, on Aristotle and on the Stoics, as well as on topics in contemporary ethics and medicine. 

Her interest in prison education is of long standing; her mother was a criminologist, her husband is a judge; and her early research was on the philosophy of punishment.

Bill Brewer works on philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and epistemology: in particular on the metaphysics and epistemology of perception and its objects. 


He is a passionate believer in generous-spirited rehabilitation in prisons and has been involved in musical performances, book groups, recovery from addiction, mentoring and letter-writing, and now philosophy in prisons over a number of years.

Tom Harrison is a recently retired solicitor who now sits as a deputy district judge in the County Court (Civil) in East Anglia.


He practiced criminal law for the whole of his career appearing as an advocate and acting as a duty solicitor. In the course of his professional career he has represented numerous prisoners.

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